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LC9 Engine for Jeeps

L9H 6.2/6L80 Package

LC9 Jeep Engine

Engine/trans components $12140
New GM crate L9H engine
New GM 6l80e 4x4 trans
GM RH & LH cats
GM exhaust manifolds & heat shields
Starter & hardware
Pre & post cat o2 sensors RH & LH
MAF sensor
CARB approved cold air intake inc K&N filter
HP in tank fuel pump & supply line
Evap canister purge valve
Fuel tank pressure sensor
Engine & trans dipsticks
Trans dust covers
GM hydraulic motor mounts
GM trans mount
Torque converter bolts
Vortec engine cover
Trans cooler lines

Swap kit components  total $6470
Base swap kit $5195
Weld in engine mounts
Transmission mount
Engine accessory drive mounts to mount existing JK compressor, alternator & p/s pump
Shifter bracket
DBW pedal & mount
Custom balancer with speedo pick up
Coolant reservoir bottle
upper & lower H20 lines
trans cooler
custom engine/trans  harness
GM ECU programmed
GM TCU programmed
Re program JEEP module
custom aluminum radiator $650
6l80e trans adapter  $625

Labor, services & misc components  $7000
R&R body
Jeep harness modification
Weld in mounts
Pressure wash & paint frame
Install new in tank fuel pump
Install new fuel lines & Evap lines
Jeep a/c line modification
Install & secure harness
Install GM acc pedal & modify jeep pedal
R&R shifter assembly
install input gear in Jeep 241 transfer case
Install radiator & modify fan & shroud
Custom manifold & Cat back exhaust system inc 3in magnaflow muffler
Custom heater hoses
Clamps , electrical supplies, heat shrink, & high temp hose & wire sleeving
250mile test drive
BAR certification & sticker

Parts  $18610
Llabor  $7000
Total $25610


cruise control & tap shift including new JK shifter & $800 includes installation of cruise control
HD 1350 rear driveshaft  $550  includes install
Low mileage (under 4000mile engine/trans) deduct $1500
If you want to keep your old engine/trans add $1000